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EBB glitch
  • Date: June 4, 2021
  • Category: News

There’s a glitch in the $230 Billion Emergency Broadband Benefit Program (EBB)

At give IT. get IT., we help connect people in need with the computers, technical support, and training they need to get better jobs and live more satisfying lives. Since COVID-19 struck, the number of people who need our help has quadrupled. When the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 was signed into law in March, we were excited to hear that it would help eligible individuals or families purchase a computer and Internet access.

Specifically, a $100 one-time discount authorized by the Emergency Broadband Benefit Program (EBB) for a computer.

What’s the EBB?

Part of the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021  signed into law in March, the EBB gave the FCC $230 billion to deliver two extraordinary benefits to qualifying Americans:

  • A discount of up to $50 per month towards broadband service for eligible households and up to $75 per month for households on qualifying Tribal lands.
  • A one-time discount of up to $100 to purchase a laptop, desktop computer, or tablet from participating providers if they contribute more than $10 and less than $50 toward the purchase price.

These are fantastic, potentially life-changing benefits for people who qualify. Since receiving discounted broadband internet access is such a significant, recurring component of the EBB, the task of spending this $230 billion windfall fell to qualifying Internet Service Providers (ISPs).

Here’s the problem:

While ISPs are doing a fine job managing the broadband service portion of the EBB, they are not equipped to implement the $100 discount on a qualifying device portion of the program. As a result, billions of dollars that SHOULD be helping people in need acquire computers are being used solely for broadband internet access.

Because organizations like give IT. get IT. – or even traditional sources of computers such as Best Buy and Staples – are not ISPs; we have no way of enabling our clients/customers to access the $100 discount on the computers they need to maximize the benefit of the free internet access they’re getting. At give IT. get IT., our waiting list includes hundreds of people who qualify for EBB benefits but cannot use the $100 discount towards the purchase of a high-quality used computer from us. That’s just wrong.

The intent of the EBB is there, but there’s a glitch in the action plan preventing its full potential:

Access to affordable, reliable broadband internet is essential. We’re thrilled that millions of people across the country are getting internet access for free while the funds in the $230 billion EBB last. Imagine how much more valuable and productive this free access for Americans in need will be if they have a computer instead of their phones or a tablet. They can attend online classes, earn degrees and change their lives forever.

Until there’s a way for organizations like give IT. get IT. and retail stores to process the $100 device discount, qualifying Americans will have to pay full price for their devices or go without. That’s not the intent of the EBB and we’re doing everything we can to change that.

We’re collaborating with our longtime partners, The National Digital Equity Center, Connect ME, and others,  to inform our representatives and garner support to get the EBB amended.

What we need:

We need the support of our representatives in Congress and the Senate to convince ISPs to share the eligibility vetting results for qualified individuals so those individuals can access the $100 computer credit from the pool of $230 billion that was intended for Internet and computer assistance, but is currently limited to just Internet.   Every day that goes by means fewer dollars for devices, and when that money is gone, it’s gone.

We see the computer credit as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to help people in need acquire not just the internet access they need, but also the computers, training, and support they need to change their lives as was intended.

Organizations like give IT. get IT can help millions of Americans make the absolute most of the Emergency Broadband Benefit Program and position themselves for brighter futures.

If you’d like to help:

This problem is nationwide, so no matter where you’re reading this, please call the offices of your U.S. representatives and senators and tell them you want the EBB amended so Americans in need can access the $100 discount on computers.

Thank you!



  1. FELIX

    I applied EBB and approved
    However, never get real thing
    No broadband internet from THE CARRIER I registered and ordered
    during my telephone order ( deaf using caption phone service)
    Not to.mrntion the $100 discount on PC in this program,no any retailer accept my approved EBB account ID
    It looks like joke or it only benefit the internet providers not to the people who in real need of this help
    Contact me for help

    • Jim Darroch

      Sorry to hear this, Felix. We share your frustration. Who is your internet service provider?

      • Steaphon

        Mine is T-Mobile.

      • Miguel

        I got approved for the internet help, called CenturyLink gave them my approval numbers, and then emailed them the approval and they said it was all good. They shut my internet off a few days ago. They sent me a bill for over 300 and said they have got nothing and I should pay the bill if I want service

        • Axcman

          I also got approved for the internet help. Already was a CenturyLink customer for basic internet $45 per month. I also gave them my approval numbers, and then emailed them the approval documents and completed the CenturyLink EBB application. CenturyLink responded that my internet subscription $45 per month was not an EBB qualifying plan. They said, in order to get the EBB benefit, I had to cancel my plan and agree to the only qualifying plan (Lifetime) offerted, costing $85 per month. To get EBB help from CenturLink, $85/mo qulified new plan – minus EBB benefit $50 = $35 out of pocket per month. A net $10 per month saving and then have to live with $85 per month when EBB expires. Nope. Not worth it. I am VERY displeased with CenturyLink and their give with one hand and take back with the other. They are not acting in good faith and are not providing EBB help that was intended. CenturyLink violates the good intention of EBB by enriching themselves and their stockholders. I wrote to FCC.org reuesting guidance to obtain an EBB benefit that I can afforde (63, stage 4 cancer, veteran, on disability fixed income). FCC responded that it was not FCC’s problem and my only recourse was to take it up with CenturyLink. Loop, no help, CenturyLink is (legally) not honoring the spirit or intent of the EBB program. Very displeased with CenturyLink. And very stuck. They got me by the short hairs.

          • Steve

            I had the same problem with CenturyLink my current plan is $45 and was told I had to upgrade my plan to the higher amount. I asked if that would improve my city 10mps speed. They said no and then I said no. The customer service folks are no doubt trying to upsell for bonuses. You have to wonder if corporate really knows what is happening.

          • Danette

            I’m almost in the same predicament. I qualify for the EBB program, but since I’m a current customer, I can’t get the discount. I continue to pay $65 monthly. I’ve recently lost half of my income, but it doesn’t make a difference. They make their own rules and no one is here for us to tell them no.

        • Aaron

          I really need this help as well but I can’t seem to find anything worth the trouble. It is too bad we cant file some kind of mass lawsuit or sue the government of those responsible causing all of us stress and strife and for the false pretense of legitimately reduced priced internet services or access as well as 100 dollar discounts on computers or hotspot devices. The EBB has only benefited the rich and wealthy by scamming money from the poor by lying by omission and heartlessly getting every penny they can from Human Beings who need it the most! These devices and services should all be free for everyone anyway! Especially if we ever want to really actually succeed in bettering ourselves as a race!

          • JENNIFER

            It took finely 2 months 3 weeks and 2 days arguing with att that the signed a contract with the government stating they would provide internet to the home via mobile or landline I choose mobile so kids could access no matter were we were. they said then i had to choose diff phone plan which meant they were getting paid twice. I said absolutely not I pay my phone which is 35$ a month and Ebb pays 50$ a month for mobile internet. which if i just add to phone bill i pay 10.00 more and i get hot spot unlimited text and talk. for 45$ and they wanted me to increase my package to 85$ a month just in order to get a 10$ hotspot. Which they are contracted to give you free anyways with ebb approval. So after 14 or more supervisors contactng on twitter and being hung up multiple times along with hours of waiting. I did how ever I did receive hotspot and stayed at 50$ and i enrolled into the Auto payment which automatically gives 5$ discount at att which made my bill 0 every month. But i still have not got the computer voucher Att , walmart all said they do not offer that. pc for people want you to transfer your internet provider to them in order to get computer. I do think the turning point was when I said you what here is the deal you want me to increase package to 85$ to get everything i previously got for 45. nope but i will do this i will decrease my package to the 25$ package and use the qualifying benfit for internet still with you and you still have to provide me with the hotspot and now your going to get less money but i still will get all my services. they didnt like that idea and gave it to me immediately (if only i had thought to say that early on!

        • Carrie

          I’m beyond furious with the EBB thru Straightalk cell phone service. I was approved for the benefit & all was good for 3 months. And all of the sudden, my phone wasn’t making or receiving calls/texts. I look on the app & it says “inactive”. So I called straightalk & they claim that my number was inactive for more than 30 days so the phone number that I’ve had for 5 years is gone!! It was not inactive for that long! when I realized my phone wasn’t working, I assumed EBB was ended & I bought a service card. But I couldn’t add it. So I called customer service. And there was no explanation from customer service at straight talk. They just kept saying they could issue me a new number.
          My phone was not inactive for 30 days so I have no clue as to why I lost my number. That number is connected to all of my bank accounts, apps, and my the only contact that I had for family and friends to contact me. So now I am locked out of most of my accounts bc of 2 factor authentication & I cannot receive texts to my cell number. I will never regiment straighttalk to anyone. And I wish I never applied for EBB & just continued to purchase a service card every month. It wasn’t worth the 3 months of benefits bc I lost my cell phone number .

      • Apryl

        I am struggling with this as well. My son is approved for the EBB internet & $100 device discount but there seems to be many issues
        #1 providers on the list are not all available in our area
        #2 not all providers are a broadband (understandable) but even if a provider does offer service none of them offer a standard package base . **for instance if there is a $50 credit allowance for internet service & they offer a device T-mobile for example, either 10gb usage cap per month at a great speed if you are in an area that is in network but after 10gb have been used will slow down to a terrible unusable 2g speed. Ok but they are paid by the government for that pacakage price yet if I sign up not an essential it is $50 for 50gb allowance slow down speed !?! Problem inflation of price with decreased benefit for the consumer because of the payment method. That is discrimination a manipulation of a government affiliation to receive tax payers money . So devalue the customer because ot financial hardship yet gain a customer & money ! Terrible injustice & illegal ! But they offer a tablet also 100 gb usage high speed yet slow down 2g… ok tablet so small is is smaller than a standard school book! Ok y’all other company’s 6, 10, 15, 20 25 usage caps for the entire $50 from government but if you were to sign up without EBB APPLICATION code & choose a plan with the same data limit prices will be lower & if you choose a plane that is within or closest to the $50 you will have a larger or unlimited data on the phone only with hotspot limit if they offer but cannot have them add the EBB to your account to pay it if existing or you are thrown into the property segregated essential package or low income pile of customers they say you can choose a higher plan if need more so pay more … does anyone else see this ? Absolutely disrespectful, manipulative & fraudulent . I am glad for the EBB opportunity I have yet to find a company with a device provided tablet or laptop . Human IT didn’t offer me service in my area so you cannot buy the computer , Pc for people is out of stock online with no local store ability anywhere in Florida Walmart only select locations Atlanta GA & another far away place with AT&T & cricket providers for service & again have an allotted package of ver very low data limit & that is the only way to obtain your device is if internet is purchased from them. So this is a serious glitch so much that I lost track of the #count as I wrote this! I worked for Verizon for 7 years until back surgery & my health plummeted, now I mention this because most ,MOST of not all company’s have their set rate service packages that correlate with the applicable devices , so you choose the device , the plan & typically address is entered at the credit check or account holder set up & because it is wireless and will be mobile , the system isn’t going to say yay or nay on available we can serve the customer , no it is a system to select options or features . But when there is promos or specific packages that include specific features or allotments allowance most of the time it is all packages in so if they are not wanted but included you must specify to block . Now with all of that being said , each company that sign up as a provider to offer service to those who are in need to keep us connected that have created special service packages & or devices to better the American people for their ability to work from home & further their education & stay connected with loved ones or for my situation of home school , home health & mental health services for my mentally & emotionally needy child which is all pre pandemic , but services are very needed . I can tell you AT&T service at my home has sure reduced to no service at all but was working prior but works 2 miles up the road & I pay $300 so anyway , what homeschool or k12 virtual or remote learning is going to be fully covered service wise on 10gb or less or even 25 data cap high speed then drop to unable to even connect a device or update or upload the class work or homework file much less the learning video? Oh wait or zoom psychiatrist or home health or connected to live classroom feed or enough to rewatch a science lab tutorial? I’m sorry to seem or sound petty but am I ? If a company is going to join as a partner to help America during a pandemic or even just for approved poverty citizens in general then there should be no segregation in service package plans that are extremely lower service at the same price or higher than those of standard package price ! That is inflation & manipulation of financial money slotted to anyone who needs it. But I guess that is what happens if you are lumped into the poverty bucket, companies tossing crumbs at you but taking the $! It is the same with Florida & I’m sure many other surrounding companies & state paid insurances like Medicaid offering lakeview mental health services , only one contracted to do residential or local treatment yet do not provide what their own mission statement is ! I have been refused my son ability to go anywhere else yet when in there he didn’t even receive therapy 5weeks , no school as said, no strict structure as said totally struggling told & begged help school & the low income mental help CHS for years BUT even the psychiatrist & therapist directors etc and well he was bullied 16 yr old boy beat up yep beat & molested there while they charge $947. Pls a day for services .. they are the number 1 here yep over $300 million no profit! Ok and sadly reported to Medicaid for fraud DCF oh even more but see my point a systematic injustice at its finest! So no service for us yet I still pay my bill that has no service & no computer my newest computer is a 2012 toshiba , I don’t get food stamps or welfare my son does get Medicaid & I am Medicare on social security disability who wow just finished my appeals that same issue they lost my paperwork which cut my check cut my insurance bc under age , it is ok they are giv agency’s but I can pay then refile & paid back ??? Nope it doesn’t work that way! See while people have been fighting people many other issues exist . Not all company’s are bad but many stemmed from greed , great service offered for relief temporarily for help but seems so limited and dangled I have yet to receive my stimulus checks bc I haven’t been able to file my taxes , seems crazy but social security literally sent wrong papers they are wrong I will not agree to a lie! So I am financially strapped behind struggling & my husband works so hard , 2 back to back range huricane damage & a wrong insurance average estimated total to replace my roof but all companies tell me way off $9k to repair their instruction total replace & their est $5k before take out deduction plus relevel foundation & new blocks bc broken& walls etc I have begged called help but none I have a child that is so messed up it is crazy .. hates world life & God … he is adopted & well too much to mention simply put did right innocent smart done wrong school super Intendent & why try why be good .. y’all love unselfish love not pride or greed & still bc he is Medicaid he can have this good stuff bc we poverty but only dangle crumbs or can’t have this computer or tablet unless our service and only ones with the devices .. but that is the way it is . It would be great if we really saw a genuineness in This mess instead of capitalism! Bit to mention penalties & segregation of those who are not vaccinated as if terrorist! Both can still contract the covid any type , both can spread it any type , yet only one can be praised & allowed a privilege & thank by President & companies & now punishment by companies loss of jobs or forced mask or what next refusal of service if no proof of vaccination? Dang we are not dogs without a rabies shot (can still catch & spread) we are people ! We are the AMERICAN PEOPLE WHO ARE TO BE UNITED Not SEPARATED by financial class or mental or disability or vaccination classification or verification! People better rise up in Love the Love of God & know their American rights the origination of what freedom really is , not the freedom to sin or to trample & take in greed!

    • L

      Hello, with T-Mobile’s EBB Program, it can only be used on a data line if you have a tablet with data, at T-Mobile. Here is the link to apply online with T-Mobile for the EBB Program, if you have a data line: https://www.t-mobile.com/emergency-broadband-benefit . If you want to use your EBB Benefits with a company that allows you to have a phone and data on that phone, then you should look at Assurance Wireless or Boost Mobile or other providers, each carrier has a different program. Here is a link to all of the various providers by state: https://www.fcc.gov/emergency-broadband-benefit-providers

      • Tiffany

        You need to get out the right information boost Mobile does not give free phones they do the same thing Metro, Att, Verizon wireless and almost every other place including yall do. The tablet with the internet or pay your phone bill. Spectrum knocks it off whatever internet your already getting like mine was the 20 dollar plan & they just use the ebb for it so i have no bill. They dont even do the tablet deal.

    • Phuong

      Please share your experience with the FTC at FTC.gov. They need these examples to build a case!

      • Tiffany

        There are 2 problems with that suggestion…
        1. The FCC’s website does not have a VIABLE, LEGITIMATELY HELPFUL complaint system for issues with EBB.
        2. When it is an issue with the provider which is what they say this is, they tell you to contact the provider which does zero good. They say you have to get the device from your carrier which is not possible. AT&T doesn’t have any devices priced within EBB pricing & discount criteria.

  2. Thomas

    This is the first artical i found that addresses this part of the ebb program I was told by my provider comcast that they are only participating in the wifi portion and that they are not offering the laptop 100. credit. I am completely blessed for what i did qualify for but they should of not included the laptop portion if they never intended to allow people to get it.

    • Jim Darroch

      Thank you, Thomas. Yes, this is a very frustrating situation that we are doing everything we can to change.

      • Melissa

        Hi, everyone. I too qualify for EBB. I’ve been trying to get it since the beginning of it being available. My current carrier is Straight Talk, which is affiliated with Verizon. I tried, through them, but I prefer to handle things primarily on-line, a maddening quirk of Straight Talks, seems to be to ultimately require you to call them, about anything except paying them money, or aquiring their pitifully useless ” points”. They have 20 ways, online, by texting, and by their automated phone system for those, but nothing for other business. Also, when I tried to fill out the online form to qualify going through Straight Talk, it came back that I did not qualify, which is hilarious because I qualify, believe me, three times over, what’s required. Also, they don’t offer the tablet, laptop, or computer benefit. I’m annoyed that I have to search around, and change carrier’s, from the one I’ve been a long term customer of and that I’m relatively satisfied with, all things considered, to another carrier I’m unfamiliar with, in order to simply claim a benefit for which I am eligible. I gave up then in frustration. But, only momentarily. I’ve tried it twiceore, with them. Everything looks fine, then right at the moment of actually getting to access the EBB benefits, suddenly something goes wrong. That was the final straw. I saw an advertisement online, and tapped on it, and went to a site for Q-Link Wireless, promoting it’s EBB program. The good news is I qualified, got the I.D. number, all that, and was sent a SIM card kit to change the card in my Mororola phone, that I did not purchase from Straight Talk, to a SIM card from QLink. I followed instructions and got it in there, only to find, I couldn’t make the phone call they told me to make, in order to finish the activation process of switching my phone, with it’s current number, over to them. I had to take out their useless card, and put my old one back in, to have service, and be able to go online and make inquiries as to what happened. Or be able to text, or phone, anyone. After reading some tech articles, I went to try again. Guess what? I can’t get the SIM tray to open. It opened perfectly fine, before. Now, it’s as though it’s locked. It doesn’t show my phone as SIM Locked, I checked. It’s not toggled over to Lock SIM, in my security settings, and I don’t use the PIN, from the carrier, to unlock my phone to be able to use it. It’s as though Straight Talk got wind of my defection, and locked the SIM card, to prevent my leaving their service. Meanwhile, back on the ranch, my plan with them expired, and to be able to have internet, and do anything, at all on my phone, I had to purchase another plan for the month, from them. I purchased the cheapest one they have for $35. That’s not my usual plan. Usually I get a $55 plan, because I use alot of data, since I use my phone for everything. Not having a laptop, tablet, T.V., or WiFi, because I’m poor, as hell, and can’t afford any of those. Frankly, I really can’t afford my usual phone service that comes to over $60, and change, each month. I get SSI, I’m disabled, and on Medicaid. I’ve heard we can get a ” free” phone, and 250 minutes of service, each month, and ” free” Wifi, but I believe I tried those, before, some time ago, and I had results, about like the ones I’m having now, with the EBB. There’s always some little something, that prevents people from ever getting any of these so called ” free” benefits people think we’re getting. A search online will make you think poor people have it made, by all the stuff that pops up. But, I’m telling you, as someone who’s lived on about $9,000 a year, for almost 10 years, and who has tried, by availing myself of these opportunities, to break out of poverty, maybe retrain, at home taking online classes for a job more condusive to the disabilities, I have. I’d need to do all that from home, being unable to afford to buy a vehicle, and maintain it, in order to go to school, and be retrained. Or go look for work, after I am, much less, actually go to work, each day. And now, there’s Covid, and I am 55, and have three different types of autoimmune disease. I even investigated one program, in which they assure people, with very low incomes, that they can be assisted in purchasing their own home. To help them get out of these cruddy, shoddily run, subsidized government apartments like I live in. Huh. If that was so,and it was that simple, then why don’t I know a single person, who ever did this? Or even tried to? I italicized the word ” free”, because nothing is ” free”. Nothing. Not even, for the poorest, of the poor. I always wonder, what happened to all the funds that were given to run such programs, if no one can qualify, in the end, to get any of the benefits the program is supposed to be making available, to people? They’re supposed to be making it easy, for people, already struggling with issues, that thwart their efforts, to actually avail themselves of some kind of assistance, here. I mean, the money, millions of dollars,just keeps being thrown out here for all of this. Again, when I look around, no one living in my low income government housing is getting any of it. I know, I’m not. So, who is getting it, then? Where does the unclaimed benefit money wind up? I’m still in limbo, here with EBB. I’m going to try to open the SIM tray, again and activate QLink’s SIM card, once more. After that, I can request another one, and be FORCED into CALLING Straight Talk, so they can argue with me, get me confused, and upset, and still not give me the relevant information I need in order to get my measly $50, a month of phone service, and $100 of credit towards a computer, being required to pay any additional costs, fees, surcharges, taxes, and overages, myself. Which will probably add up to just about $50 a month. Blame it, on the Puritan’s. People think being poor, and having to be given things, shows that a person is weak, lazy, unintelligent, has a low character, and dubious morals, is probably a drug addict, or alcoholic, dropped out of high school, has 4 kids, by 4 different people, none of whom they married, and none of whom they contribute any support towards, and they are being frowned upon by God himself. Otherwise, we’d all be blessed, with plenty, and not be poor beggars, you see? Now, isn’t that the way the poor, are seen here? I believe it is. In America, we have a real problem with anyone getting anything they didn’t work for, getting it given to them for ” free”. So, we’re made to pay, for everything we get, one way, or another. Sometimes, the price is too high, and people who are already disadvantaged, and beat down by struggling with life in poverty, do not have what it will take to pay what’s being asked of us for those benefits we’re meant to have for ” free”.

      • Marsha

        I’m qualified on EBB thru Assurance wireless. They said they offer the iPad that is a “hotspot”. They never sent a link that coolpad says they have to. They told me the deadline date was the 15th. Day after tomorrow. Assurance said it will take them a week to try to resend it. Then told me only random people were picked for the iPad/hotspot. How are the ISP’s getting away with ripping off 230 BILLION dollars meant to help the poorest of the poor. How do we start a lawsuit against the ISP’s?

  3. KB

    I received the EBB on my home internet. I still had to pay $25 deposit, pay the first bill in full ($73) and rent their equipment ($15). I have not figured out how to buy a laptop though.

    • Jim Darroch

      Thank you, KB, for sharing the additional charges you had to pay. We sincerely appreciate your comment. It encourages us to keep pushing!

      • E

        I had EBB set up with century link internet. Then I moved to a new place just a few blocks away. I can’t afford to set up internet service at my new address because Centurylink is requiring a $100 installation fee, payment of first bill in full which increased by $25. It’s been extremely difficult the past couple of months especially when my children were back at home for online learning due to a delta variant outbreak at their school.

    • Jim

      Why don’t people mention who their ISPs are?

  4. Royaltii

    Yes I receive the $50 internet discount which comes in good need for my daughter online school yet the $100 off for computer the only site I see doing it is a site called PCs for people.com and very old computers no web cam or good storage

    • Jim Darroch

      Thank you for taking the time to share your experience. Every comment helps us make a better case to help us access this $100 credit!

      • Kelly

        Yes how can i use the 100 credit for tablet i got the 50 internet takrn care but cant use the 100

    • issac

      Even with Pcs for people, you have to get internet through them to get the $100 credit on pcs. so its all or nothing with them.

      • Kimberly

        Yes, but keep in mind that the internet is completely free and you will have to purchase a Hot Spot which I paid $5 for and I paid $11 for a Laptop which was a total of $16 for a Laptop, a Hotspot & free internet. It’s impossible to find a better deal my friend. I can see that people are not thoroughly reading or understanding how this works. Take your time and read and understand the details & instructions on their website.

        • Lori

          What company did you get the laptop from? All I see are tablets and I want a laptop.

        • Vern

          Where did you purchase your hotspot and laptop from?

        • Amanda

          Where did u get the laptop from what company?

        • Shannon

          Where did you get a hot spot from for $5.00?

        • Steven

          Kimberly I appreciate your advice what’s a good read on this and where should I read on this you are right it seems like one heck of a deal

        • Laura

          I am with the rest of the commenters here… Where did you shop for fulfillment of your benefit plan? PLEASE let us know…

        • Henry

          The EBB Hotspot cost is now $55 (no more $5 deals). The current EBB laptop at $11 is a Chromebook computer with 4 GB RAM and 16 GB SSD storage. They have offered a laptop with the Intel 2nd generation CPU with 6 GB RAM and 250 GB storage for $11 and a better laptop with the Intel 4th generation CPU with 8 GB RAM and 500 GB storage or 250 GB SSD storage for $49.99 based on availability. So the minimum cost is now at least $66.
          Note that the windows based computers use Windows 10 and that will be supported until October 2025. Microsoft will not upgrade systems with CPUs that are older than the Intel 8th generation.

          • Oanh

            Microsoft heading the cause to replace perfectly good computers with new ones when they develop operating systems that don’t support millions of computers used in homes. I am not upgrading. I really don’t like the new operating system that totally took away the easy navigation home button. Bring back Win7

        • Tayna

          I applied and qualified for both EBB benefits. We were on the internet essentials plan with Xfinity (Comcast owned?) . We struggle to pay $10 month so I immediately called them with approval. Excited for device since I worked from home and my laptop broke a year ago. I also have joint custody of grandkids and it would be used for them as well. I had past due account of $20 I 2as told to pay that and then they’d accept EBB towards ofc a higher plan and I wouldn’t be able to change back to 10 plan once EBB expires. And no device ebb part. So I found PC’s for people and thought I had a plan for laptop. Nope bc yes they have and most have webcams etc , however you are required to use 50 credit towards their hotspot to use your device credit. You can order online or through store in person. I jumped in car and thought woohoo I’ll be working again! Thankfully 8 called again before driving 30 minutes to store front. First associate at PC’s for people failed to mention I had to buy their modem/ router whatever thingy for 55.00 and minium 10 towards laptop. Unexcited and sad ,I like a deflated balloon defeated by greed/ red tape took my sad self in house to come up with a better plan….. after much research…. I’d have better luck with a dollar scratch off sadly in hopes of getting device. I will be calling my state representative. If anyone else has any other suggestions for device please please let me know anywhere near Colorado. Thank you to all sharing/ caring.

    • Kimberly

      Edit… Typo… The word This.

    • Melissa

      Hi. QLink Wireless, offers the entire EBB package. I’m not sure, but I think they might be an affiliate of T-Mobile, and I have no idea how this would work anywhere, but where I live, here in Texas. Thank you, for offering your condolences, for that. You’re too kind. I know QLink Wireless does offer the $50 a month, phone service, and the $100, towards a tablet, a computer, or a laptop computer ( is that right? Either, one?) thru the EBB benefit program because I’m going thru them, now. If you’re already qualified, and getting EBB, you’d have to switch your benefits and service over to them, of course. I’ve qualified, and all, got the I.D. number, and everything, and they sent me a SIM card kit, to change out the SIM card, so I can switch over from my current carrier, Straight Talk, to them. I have my own unencumbered phone, and I wanted to keep my same number. But, that’s where it got stupid. Switching that card, turned into a nightmare from hell, and I still haven’t gotten ” free” phone service from EBB. I’m now in a kind of limbo, between the two carriers, and I had to buy the cheapest plan Straight Talk had, to have internet/ phone service, at all, because my plan ran out on the 5th. I was really hoping not to have to pay anything, or anything, much, anyway, for phone service this month. I was certain, this time, I’d be getting the EBB benefit, and I had planned on being firmly separated from my old carrier, by now. But, alas. No. Yeah, well. Eggs. Baskets. Chicken’s hatching. Whatever. It’s a long story. See my other, prior comments, where I’ve already discussed this, at length. Anyway, for your purposes, I found QLink Wireless thru an online advertisement, and I tapped on it, out of frustration, really. But, If you want to try, just search, “QLink Wireless EBB”. Or put “QLink.com” in the address bar. Those should get you to the page you need. So you can attempt to get that computer or tablet, like they promised everyone they could get. I hope I’m not sending you into a lion’s den. But, I feel that if you’re already getting EBB, it might go easier for you to be able to go ahead and get that computer, too. If it’s even possible to do so with QLink, wherever you are, of course. It’s worth a try, anyway. Do you feel like you’re at work, right now? Cause, I sure do. This doesn’t feel like ” free”. It feels like ” hourly wage”, to me. Well, Good luck! Hope you get your computer. It would be nice if somebody did, I swear!

      • Matthew

        Qlink wireless is a joke. I had straight talk and everything was fine. I found out about the ebb program from an email from qlink wireless I filled out some of the application but it would not allow me to change my adress and I didn’t want the sim shipped to the wrong adress. So I look on straight talk applied and received the ebb program my service stayed on no bill and had contacted my internet provider they were going to make my bill 10$ a month when all of the sudden my phone quit working. QLINK ported my number anyway sent the sim to the wrong adress twice I was with out a phone for almost two months. I missed two job interviews and when it finally arrived I put the sim in and had data for about a day then nothing. They bend the truth it’s only 3gb of data and to purchase more was unreal amount like 20$ for a GB. They said but you can use your home internet credit to get unlimited data and a free tablet. Well I wanted internet at home but I was like fine you are the worst company I have ever dealt with ever. So now I have unlimited data that doesn’t work half the time and if it does you better have patience because it’s gonna be awhile. Then the tablet they sent is garbage you can’t do anything on it it just doesn’t do anything it took three day 24/7 to finish the set up. Now they want ten dollars and I’m just sending it back it sucks as a paper weight. QLINK appears to be easier to get but that’s only because they are trying to suck people in them bend them over and you know. So I would stay away from qlink and hit me up if you want a tablet

  5. Ally

    I’ve called every provider in my area with a “checkmark” for offering devices and none… Not a single one has desktops or laptops available for the $100 one time discount. I really thought I’d be able to get the computer from somewhere like WalMart. Pcforpeople doesn’t even let you use the $100 discount unless you have their other services

    • Jim Darroch

      We hear you, Ally. It’s extremely frustrating and we’re doing everything we can to access this $100 discount so we can offer it to potential clients like you. We’ll keep you posted!

    • Desiree

      Here’s how the program works: you can only use the program at 1 company at a time, so you can’t get free wifi from Comcast and a tablet from AT&T, for example. You have to choose a company that sells cell phones/devices AND service, like Verizon, T-mobile, etc. There’s a list on the FCC’S website of providers in each state and it shows which ones offer the $100 discount on devices. The device can be anything that accesses the internet, so cell phones, tablets, hot spots, laptops, desktop computers all qualify.
      You apply on the FCC’s website or any provider’s website that you want to use. If you already signed up with a company and don’t like them or can’t get a device, you can transfer to another company whenever you want. Get your ID/account number that’s given when you’re approved for the program to give to the new company to speed things up. ATT has a tablet or hotspot offer & service and Tmobile/Verizon has a device, as well as Qlink who has a tablet. Qlink never sent my tablet though. There’s supposedly a waiting list but they’ve been saying that for a while now. I think Cricket, Boost, PC’s for People and Assurance Wireless, and others, do the device credit and service too. *If you qualify for the EBB, you may also qualify for the Lifeline Program, which is the discounted/free cell phone and service program for very low income households.

      • Michael

        The tablet from Qlink is a piece of trash with 16g total memory. A joke. How long do you think you stay online with that? Don’t waste your time or benefit.

        • Henry

          Note that the EBB device benefit can ONLY be used one time, so if you used on something totally useless, you CANNOT go to another company and get another device with the $100 benefit and between over $10 and less than $50 copayment. Only the EBB service discount can be transferred to another company if you got the device benefit previously.

  6. Jimmy

    I knew about this program before most people! I got a text message from q Link wireless asking if I wanted a free tablet I knew it was a catch so I started to dig and dig some more and find out about this program months before it went live!!! I’m getting four or five text messages a day from q Link asking me if I still want the tablet!!! No I don’t! Number one it’s a cheap Android tablet I would prefer a real computer and $100 off! Number two if I get the tablet it’s going to have internet on it… Well I’m already getting money off my home Wi-Fi service through the emergency broadband benefit if I accept that tablet, That emergency broadband benefit is going to pay for the internet on the tablet which I simply do not need a tablet or internet I desperately need a computer!!!! If I buy a tablet I would get an iPad, because I normally use Apple products and/or Windows sometimes! Q Link is just taking advantage of free government money and the tablet again I’ve seen YouTubers talk about it It is a crappy cheap tablet that’s going to give you more of a headache than anything else!!! We should be able to buy any computer laptop tablet of our choice and get the $100 off!!!!! This program would be better if we could go out by our own computer take a copy of the receipt and upload it after we’re verified for the program and they send us a check for $100 reimbursement!!!!

    • Jim Darroch

      We couldn’t say this any better than you just did, Jimmy. Yes, tablets serve a purpose but there’s no better way to take advantage of internet access than a reliable computer that can help people access the training and education programs they need to get ahead.

    • Dave

      Jimmy, ive been spending hours exactly trying to find an answer to the same thing. im also on qlink and extremley annoyed when they keep asking me if i want a shitty tablet, what id really like is much better service (im only with them bc theyre the only unlimited minutes plan i know) and 100 for a computer which i really need. if you know of any other unlimited plans esp in nyc let me know

    • Chris

      Jimmy I have been so angry over qlinik and the tablet fiasco. I deleted that text many times daily, and was bombarded with emails and phone calls. This has been for an entire year. I couldn’t use my ebb money anywhere because qlink had put me on their roster without my knowledge or approval. I contacted The Universal Services Administrative Company at the EBB Support Center who helped me get taken off qlinks roster so I could go to another company. A week or so later, qlink started sending me emails that said my tablet had been shipped, then 2 days later an email that said my tablet had arrived and I owed them $10.01. Yeah, it’s worse but I’m worn out. Every program that was meant to help us maintain thru COVID is ripe and rotten with fraud. The government has given a green light by not taking action against these criminals. I could go on and on but it’s so upsetting. I’m a disabled vet, I love my country. We survived World Wars, terrorist, plagues, economic disasters; but we can’t overcome the flu? 4 Trillion dollars dished out to “recover the economy”, more than the total and cost of the Afghan War. The vast majority went to business, around 2.3 trillion, and in many cases they weren’t required to show they were impacted by the pandemic or even that it would keep their workers employed. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to go so far off topic. The ebb program ends on the 19th. Maybe I should have taken the free tablet. : )

      Chris W. – Artist
      Charley’s Stick Figure Art

      • Henry

        FYI. The EBB program did not end on August 19. It is still in effect as of today. As far as I know, the EBB funds have not been exhausted and the Government has not declared an end to the pandemic.

    • Kimberly

      Valuable information: visit http://www.fcc/ebb.gov and click on providers in my area and you will see an entire list of providers where some offer laptops and some don’t but it will include a link to their website and phone numbers. It’s a helpful & valuable resource for people looking for more providers participating in the EBB Program.

    • Rene

      Agree 100%
      I was like how do you purchase something more than $10 but less than $50 and it be worth anything.
      The state sure loves to throw money away.
      What go to the cheap laptop computer phone tablet if you have to throw it away it’s going to be obsolete and 6 months

  7. Daniel

    Was told by an overseas AT&T rep. that I was allow to recieve either discounted service OR $100 off a device but not both.

    • Jim Darroch

      Wow. That’s just wrong, Daniel. We appreciate you sharing this with us for documentation purposes as we do everything we can to correct this glitch.

    • Vicki

      The EBB choices are either 1) A free Lifeline smartphone from your choice of participating providers and free unlimited talk text and data or 2)$50 off of your monthly home internet bill AND $100 toward a computer, laptop or tablet. But it says Customers must pay at least $10 but not more than $50 toward their chosen device. What can they get for between $110 and $150???? And I have been searching and searching and cannot find information about where to buy it or how to be reimbursed or anything. I am a service coordinator at a senior housing community and our residents need this information.

      • Kenyatta

        I want to say T-Mobile. I spoke with a EBB rep here in VA and they explained after my first billing cycle it will reflect that i am enrolled with EBB and the payments will be take care of the following month, After this is reflected in the bill i was going to go back and add the tablet and see what would transpire with the EBB reflecting on my bill.
        I hope this helps .

      • Brandy

        Maybe pcs for people since you need internet and computers for each resident. They could each get a laptop/tablet with mobile Hotspot

  8. Diane

    I was approved May 17th for EBB, filed out info for Windstream and have not received any credit on my Bill or even a confirmation from Windstream. Have any credits be applied to anyone so far?

    • Jim Darroch

      Thank you for commenting, Diane. We’re sorry to hear you’re having this difficulty with Windstream. We recommend sharing this comment on their social media pages where other customers of theirs can see it in addition to perisisting with their customer service team. It’s been less than a month so hopefully your billing issue will be resolved soon!

    • Zee

      I applied for this probably about 3 months ago or so and I finally, today, got the email that says I was approved for the tablet through Windstream and also the $50 monthly credit so now I’m just waiting on the tablet to come in and for my bill to show the $50 credit and the tablet that is coming in is actually the Samsung Galaxy tab 8

  9. Tonya

    Finally found someone addressing this!!!!I was frustrated myself after finding the computer had to be purchased through whoever I’m getting my internet with.That just isn’t right!!!!!!

    • Jim Darroch

      We share your frustration, Tonya. Thank you for sharing your experience and helping us build our case for support!

      • Kimberly


    • Leonila

      I spoke to 2 Metro by Tmobile stores and Assurance Wireless and both only know about the broadband benefit but not the $100 off toward a tablet. Why does FCC have them on the list then? Isn’t this kind of program suppose to alleviate or make life easier? Instead, we’re like hungry wolves searching for nothing! We are already in a desperate situation so no need to rub it some more please.

  10. Melvin

    I have already sent 3 emails to Jessica Rosenworcel about this exact problem starting in march. I even told her a way they could fix the problem. They can do the coupons like they did for the analog to digital switchover for the broadcast signal. Offer anybody that is eligible a way to call in or email your eligibility if you are approved. Or use the verification with the USAC or the Lifeline registry. Then people that are elegible and want a coupon that they can use at walmart and other places can turn them in to the stores or other places that offer a table,desktop or laptop for 10 to 50 dollars and the coupon the government/fcc sends you can use it to get one and not stuck with providers provideing them. So they should do the coupon route they did for the digital switchover for people to get boxed for the analog tv’s.
    Also told her the way this program is run really hurts the people that need it most because like in my state people on lifeline got hurt bigtime when Tmobile bought out sprint. Most lifelines in my state used sprint and when tmobile bought them out most lost service to lifeline cause of no tmobile in the 1/2 the state and ones that get tmobile are lucky to get a bar. Even the ones that travel the main highway through are state lost service. Tmobile say they might not have tower here for 2 to 3 years and the people have to use roaming they have with other isp’s in them area’s which ain’t no good when they cancelled the contract with uscellular they have in my area. We lost service to lifeline pretty much in 4 or 5 college towns in WV(Buckhannon,Clarksburg,Fairmont,etc. (Qlink,AssuranceWireless,etc except for safelink which you can request an at&t sim)use tmobile for lifeline which don’t work. Way it hurts people is we have trouble even getting the cheap tablets cause we have trouble with the lifeline service and if can’t get internet on the smartphones how can you expect to use the ebbp to get internet.
    So if they use the coupon system for people that want them then they could use the coupons at say Walmart,Bestbuys,etc to get a tablet,computer or laptop and use it with an isp like cable system and isp’s not offering a device and make the program work the way it was meant for.
    Quit hurting the people who need the ebb the most and just helping the isp’s make free billions for their ceo’s and stock market people.
    p.s. I though the ebb was suppose to be for school kid,people looking for jobs and familys that need internet for everyday life so why should telcos be allowed to offer whats suppose to be for that able to sign people up for the service and only give like 10 gig of hotspot service to people to use other devices when not meant to be used on smartphone. Should be purely unlimited service for any isp that wants to sign up for ebb money. They also throttle you like for useing 25 or 32 gigs on the smartphone to dialup speeds which isn’t good for internet.

  11. Melvin

    Everybody should be complaining besides to their local repesentive but all to the FCC to get this fixed.

    • Jim Darroch

      Great suggestion, Marvin!

    • Phuong

      Thank you for sharing so much, I can’t believe I wasnt really aware of all this! I’ll be sharing with my community !

  12. TracyLynn

    I qualify for EBB, but can’t get a computer or laptop with the $100 off because no local stores can honor EBB credit. I want to go to college, but desperately need an up to date, quality working laptop or pc (not a cheap, crappy, older refurbished one). It be nice to be able to go to BestBuy, Walmart or even a local computer repair shop to get a good & reliable laptop or pc. They really need to get this EBB glitch fixed quickly.

    • Jim Darroch

      We could not agree more, TracyLynn. Thanks for commenting!

    • Henry

      The computer models at Best Buy, Walmart, Target, etc., are the computers with the Intel 11th generation CPUs. They range in prices over $400. The government subsidy for the EBB device is $100 with a required copayment from the participant. Only by refurbishing older computers can you cover the cost of the EBB computer. The program does not cover the additional over $300 cost for an up to date device.

      Note that the original IBM PC computer in 1981 cost over $1000.

  13. Natsu

    I am approved for lifeline and I applied for EBB through Optimum, but they keep saying that my application is rejected because it didn’t have “first fl” on my address. It is the same house, I am getting the service, why does the address need to match completely? I’ve applied 5 times and it was only recently that they told me recently that everything have to match EXACTLY. Who can I contact for this? It’s ridiculous that because I have every proof that I was furlough, made less then what I did in 2019 in 2020 etc.

    • Jim Darroch

      We’re so sorry to hear this, Natsu. Keep pushing and hopefully you get this resolved!

  14. Aaron

    I still can’t believe that T-Mobile is denying….first responders (Police, Fire, EMT) access to the EBB funding. They say that if your on the 1st responder program your already getting a discount. It’s a Federal discount and shouldn’t be up to T-Mobile to decide. I wonder what America will think about you… T-mobile….denying 1st responders??

  15. River

    The $50 off a month worked flawlessly on my end but I am only able to find 1 website that has these $100 off computers and thats with Pcsforpeople.org/ but there selection SUCKS! Its not legally right for only one company to offer or honor this program, thats called a MONOPOLY. Yet again, the government passed ANOTHER bill without fully reading it.

    • Melissa


      Wonder who owns it

      • Lou

        qlink wireless is under investigation and company recently raided by fcc and post office for frauding government and ripping people off during pandemic.
        The CEO of qlink just happened to be on the board that serves the lifeline assistance program. How convenient is that? He probably thought hed get away with his huge scam.
        Run as far away from qlink as possible. The tablet is not worth $10 and does not have internet service unless you connect to
        existing wireless or wired hotspot or home network

  16. mark

    I belong to one of the biggest isp’s in the world (Spectrum) but still cant use the $100 towards a pc.

    • Jim

      Did you get $50 with spectrum?
      I was approved 5/18/21 and apply with spectrum
      That day. They have me going in circles for
      about 6 weeks. Every time I’d call to see if
      I was approved they would ask me for different
      information. One time they canceled me and
      I had to get a new Q.ID number.
      Anyway the last thing they told me was I would have to
      be on a $79.00 plan to get the credit. For the past 30
      years I’ve been paying about $36.00 So in order to
      get the $50 credit I would have to pay the difference between
      $36. and $79. Which is $43. Monthly and once the credit ends
      I could not go back to old plan. I’d be paying $79. Monthly.
      So I just gave up.

  17. Vincent

    I had Lifeline service through QLink before EBB was implemented. They enrolled me (apparently twice with two distinct confirmation emails in two different months) into EBB when it was deployed. They also “confirmed” a tablet would be sent with a bill for $49 (but never disclosed ANY info up front about the make and model of this tablet, so it may not even be worth $149.) Well, they NEVER sent said tablet anyway. I don’t know if I still have that benefit to take to another provider, or if it “already got claimed” in Qlink’s system without actually delivering me any actual product (despite many messages it’ll be shipped “soon™”)

    Furthermore, my QLink EBB/Lifeline service was TOTALLY shut off from them without warning for “non-usage” (depsite that’s supposed to only happen if 30 days go by with no usage, and I had been using the service all that month. I was on customer support call with them just two days prior to the shut-off.) It seems my ATT Prepaid plan I used prior to QLink just kind of “stole” the EBB benefit and applied it to itself. (Apparently, a past “inquiry on using EBB” on ATT customer support was misinterpreted as “yes, please take my EBB and apply it.”) I’m fine with the internet service provided by ATT, but as far as I can tell the do NOT provide the $100 device discount on anything, so that is still going to waste.

    I’d really like a productivity device other than just the phone I have right now, particularly a laptop or a decently sized tablet with a keyboard case. It’s all just a huge mess with trying to get one, though.

  18. Renita

    Here to see if there is any updates on getting the $100 off for a laptop. I was able to get $50 off with Spectrum on my bill. Also if people don’t know it doesn’t matter if you are on the Spectrum assist for $22.99 a month. It will make your bill $0 monthly.

    • Jim Darroch

      Unfortunately not, Renita. We haven’t been able to gain access to these funds and we aren’t aware of any other computer retailers or organizations like ours that have either.

    • Jim

      What is spectrum assist?

  19. Laura

    I live in Oregon and already had internet service. I signed up for EBB through my provider and was approved and have the credit listed on my bill here for July. I couldn’t figure out how to get the device so I called my home phone/internet provider and they said they didn’t know anything about that part. It took me 3 hours of researching to discover that unless you sign up with a provider that has a checkmark by it, you cannot get a device. Why on Earth would I sign up with a different provider, and secondly, the only ISP in my area is the one I am currently with. What a waste.

  20. Paula

    I have contacted Every ISP in my service area & None provide devices so that I can purchase a functional device using the $100 credit portion of the program. This needs to be remedied as it limits the beneficial intent of the program.

    The implementation has Not been well thought out or planned.

    Further, I do Not think that the $100 device credit should Only be applicable with the service provider. It does Not allow the consumer the opportunity to locate the device that is best for their needs & it Penalizes the consumer – if the service provider does Not participate in that portion of the program. Totally Unfair & contrary to the programs intent.

  21. April

    Was able to get EBB through Hughes easily (qualified for Lifeline phone assistance, but have not seen actual assistance yet so hopefully it works also) but am also having the same issues as everyone else. Hughes doesn’t have computer products and can’t figure out how to take advantage of the discount. Extremely frustrating to think you will be able to do something to help your family just to have it yanked away..

  22. Paula

    I have contacted Every ISP in my service area & there are None that provide devices so that I can purchase a functional device using the $100 credit portion of the program. This needs to be remedied as it limits the beneficial intent of the program.

    The implementation has Not been well thought out or planned as I had great difficulty dealing with well known providers who seemed to lack information regarding the $50 monthly service credit.

    Further, I do Not think that the $100 device credit should Only be applicable with the service provider of the $50 service credit. It does Not allow the consumer the opportunity to locate the device that is best for their needs & Penalizes them – if the service provider does Not participate in that portion of the program.which is Unfair & contrary to the programs intent.

    I am very grateful about the concept of the program but rather disappointed with the difficulty obtaining the $50 service credit from the ISP & absolutely No options or providers of the $100 device credit available.

  23. Maria

    I qualify for the EBB and I would love to use it especially since I have 4 kids, but I have not used it because I cannot seem to find anyone that actually offers the laptop, which is preferred for my kids. It’s frustrating trying to use this benefit but only having the option to get the $100 credit through the same provider when I cannot find not even one company that offers both. It’s ridiculous! I am on a very fixed income and we are barely making it. The only way I will ever have a computer in my home is if this program actually allows us low-income families to get them.

  24. Christina

    I haven’t gotten my 1st bill yet but the discount applied through Spectrum here in Florida Hernando County they knew all about the emergency broadband they worked out where I could get home Wi-Fi phone and cable under $50 but nobody seems to know about the hundred dollars off for the laptop tablet or computer anywhere but I guess I’m fortunate to be able to have home Wi-Fi as of now you’re fortunate to have Lifeline for a cell phone seeing how the minutes run out so fast for the cell phone the Wi-Fi does come in handy and the house phone does too. But if anybody does have any information on the laptop tablets or home computer it’d be much more helpful being disabled having all those services to have that as well please let me know of any information on that. thank you God bless

  25. Mike

    My aunt can’t even get pass the EBB’s put your initial screen. What?
    How can there be error just for putting your initials? She can’t move pass the screen.

    What’s the deal? EBB website is terrible.

    • Rayanne

      I was putting my full initials and it said “wrong” it was my first n last name initials only, I was trying my first middle and last

      • Rayanne

        Oh and below the submit button is a “I’m not a robot” that I missed the 2nd time after my initials were wrong.

  26. Souxie

    Hello, I a got approved for the EBB Program yesterday. Finally, after waiting and making phone calls to the Lifeline hotline. I got my App # and ready to hit some phone providers. I will physically check out Boost, Verizon, At&T, Cricket, and Walmart stores, ask questions to the best of my ability about the program and my options. I was researching the program so I fell across this Blig. I wanted to read about what I am going to be expecting on on my way out the door. I will post back in a few days with whatever info i come across on. But apparently that 100$ discount is the a concern, an essential BEnefit from this program that (how conviniently) we cant assess as easilly as the internet/phone service. Competition between brands and also loss of money with actaully giving physical decent product. Well.
    here we go

  27. Michelle

    Same issue here that’s how I found this article. I have had lifeline approval for over a year and that phone has not only never worked for anything other than spam it has put me in 2 life threatening situations that I couldn’t even call 911 because it was froze. It’s through Assurance. Numerous contacts with them and their solution is buy a better phone that MUST be bought through them at twice the price as anywhere else for a refurbished phone. Now I am approved for this EBB and would really like to start my own Social Media Organization and Management company and not only can I not find a laptop or tablet with the discount every single place that offers the internet or cell phone with hotspot requires you pay for a full month up front and then get approved through them even after you have already been approved through the EBB program. Both Lifeline wireless and EBB are useless and doing nothing but giving money to these companies that register to “offer” it.
    I post about the lifeline part because I tell everyone I can do NOT use Lifeline as emergency communication. I am lucky I am not dead. But those spam offers and trojan viruses sure manage to go through. Considering many that rely of Lifeline are elderly it’s no wonder they get scammed and our taxes are paying for the services promoting it.

    • Phuong

      You are totally right! This is a big scam!! We need to report this to the FTC! They can’t build a case without supporting evidence! These stories are terrible and it needs to be scrutinized! These companies need to be held accountable, PLEASE share your experience at FTC.gov !!

  28. Jojo Lynn

    Can you tell me how to obtain this $100 discount for a desktop or laptop?
    I’ve searched and searched and there’s no instructions for this.

  29. Mark

    These comments should be posted in reverse chronological order.

  30. Mark

    The EBB program run by Altice is horrible. It took me 7 applications over 45 days to get approved. There is no one at Optimum (owned by Altice) who knows anything about the program, no department responsible for it. They have outsourced eligibility review to Solix, and even after the contractor finds you eligible, they repeatedly deny the application stating either that the names don’t match or the account does not exist. Turns out the ISP has a typo in my address (not my name) and I had to match the typo to get their algorithm to accept the approved application sent by Solix. No one to communicate with, not one request for a supervisor to call was ever met, even after seven requests.

  31. Mark

    Again, I am getting the “duplicate’ rejection! What is wrong with your website?

    The EBB program run by Altice is horrible. It took me 7 applications over 45 days to get approved. There is no one at Optimum (owned by Altice) who knows anything about the program, no department responsible for it. They have outsourced eligibility review to Solix, and even after the contractor finds you eligible, they repeatedly deny the application stating either that the names don’t match or the account does not exist. Turns out the ISP has a typo in my address (not my name) and I had to match the typo to get their algorithm to accept the approved application sent by Solix. No one to communicate with, not one request for a supervisor to call was ever met, even after seven requests.

  32. Mark

    You can’t buy computer or tablet for under $150, so what is the point of the discount program?

  33. Torleif

    I don’t have time to read all the comments here so excuse me if this not new information.
    First my EBB status:
    -I applied at getemergencybroadband.org and was approved for EBB on May 21, 2021
    -I then signed up at Spectrum’s site for EBB here: (I already had internet through them) https://www.spectrum.net/support/internet/emergency-broadband-benefit/
    I have since the June bill been getting $50 taken off, so I’m a happy receiver of that part of the benefit.

    I was also interested in getting the $100 off a laptop, since I figured getting a $150 Chromebook for $50 would be worth it just to have around the house or when traveling. No big loss if it breaks or I lose it. But I couldn’t find any information or any websites that said they participate in that part of the program.
    Now I’m trying again and that’s why I’m posting here. As many posts say, there’re almost no websites that even mention this.
    I did find one site that claims to sell used PCs and laptops under the EBB program, they’re called PCs For People and their EBB page is here:
    As I read it, I have to sign up for their internet service to be able to take advantage of the computer discount, so I can’t do it since I’m already getting the EBB internet discount through Spectrum.

    As a last comment I want to mention that the official approval email from EBB mentioned the $100 computer discount in the beginning where it’s just siting the same language that’s the reason we’re all here talking about this in the first place, but the “How to Sign Up” section does not mention it at all.
    This is what it says:
    How to Sign Up

    Contact a phone or internet company and ask to sign up for the Emergency Broadband Benefit Program.
    Tell them you have been approved by the Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC).
    Use the same information you used on your Emergency Broadband Benefit application (full legal name, date of birth, social security number, and address).
    After you sign up with a phone or internet company, you will receive your Emergency Broadband Benefit!
    For more information about the Emergency Broadband Benefit Program, visit http://www.usac.org/about/emergency-broadband-benefit-program/.

    If you have questions about your broadband device, service, or bill, contact your phone or internet company. If you have questions about the Emergency Broadband Benefit Program, call us at 1 (833) 511-0311 or send us an email at EBBHelp@usac.org.

    • Phuong

      Good job putting that together. It’s sickening the way it’s orchestrated. This is so upsetting to me. PLEASE share your experience with the FTC. We are being scammed! The money is being manipulated right into certain same pockets.

  34. Nicole

    I signed up for the EBB and got approved. I currently recieve the $50 discount kn my cell service through ATT. I pay $10 a month for unlimited service. I went online to ATT prepaid and they already had a notice for me asking if I wanted to apply for the discount. Since I already had I called customer service. On the phone w>th them was super easy to sign up. Now if I could just find a place to do the tablet, laptop or computer I’d be in heaven. Hopefully they will get it fixed. I did write to every person in government that I could think of and explained theres no way to get that discount.

  35. AJ

    I’m not sure I understand, are u saying the link/application gets me an ebb computer?

  36. Sigmund

    I got the EBB credit on my Spectrum internet bill the first 2 months the program started. My July bill did not have the credit. I’m sure Safelink (Tracphone) is now taking the credit despite telling me they are not taking the credit. So far after 6 calls to Spectrum and 2 calls to EBB no one has been able to tell me what happened to it. After seeing someone who lost 3 months of assistance to Safelink i filed a complaint with the FBI about Safelink fraudulently taking me EBB assistance. If you have Safelink and you lost your EBB with your internet provider chances are Safelink is using it.

  37. Natalie

    Comcast Xfinity service, no device for $100. Credit 🙁 so disappointed

  38. Donna

    My nephew got a tablet at Windstream in Alabama. He said it was a $200.00 tablet for $10.00 with the ebb program. Also got the internet with it. He was happy.

  39. Rolland

    I applied and qualify for EBB. I have yet to see anything. I still pay full price for my internet and have heard nothing about my tablet.

  40. Alexa

    Has anyone looked into Cleo Communications? They’re listed as a provider for my area (Alabama) but I can’t reach them to inquire about their tablet offer. I have my EBB approval code ready- I just can’t afford to blow it on a shotty deal so I’ve been sitting on it hoping new offers would surface. Now I’ve been completely without a mobile carrier for almost 2 months, so it’s urgent I find a plan at this point. This whole thing seems like it’s leaving people worse than where they were to begin with and that’s really sad. I know I am, and if I can’t find something to make up for it things are going to stay that way.

    I went over the EBB providers Q&A to try to gain some insight into the program incentives and guidelines for the companies that sign on and I was shocked at how poorly put together it really is. There was obviously no one advocating for this being the beneficial essential program it should have been. Hard to believe our gov would let that much money go towards something so sketchy and full of holes. Now I feel like I should be warning people rather than encouraging them to seek the benefit and that’s a shame. I wish I would’ve known the reality before trying to implement it into my life. 🙄
    Thankfully we forums like this exist. Hopefully we’re all able to get it worked out before it’s over with. Good luck to everyone and thanks for any advice!

    • Henry

      Cleo Communications (AKA KYTY Communications) has plenty of complaints about non-delivery of product orders since the beginning of summer. The website with this odd domain suffix is apparently down. Expect plenty of lawsuits.

  41. Angela

    Here is info regarding Walmart and Att Prepaid ebb program regarding tablets – just FYI – in case anyone is interested…link follows…


  42. Candi

    I’ve been approved for the credit for 2 months now, but Service Electric, my internet provider has yet to deduct the 50$. I’ve called them a few times since filling out an online form on their website providing the program info and they continue to inform me that someone will call me and there’s nothing they can do. It feels like their going to wait until the fund is depleted to call.

  43. Shirley

    I was able to get the $50 discount for internet but not the $100 credit for tablet/laptop. Who can you complain to?

  44. Kimberly

    I am a Xfinity-comcast customer and only have the internet service. I was told repeatedly for 2 months by Xfinity my provider, that I would receive a 50.00 credit towards my bill. I was told today that there was an error on my application process and they never received my approval. I know that isn’t true because the national verifier approved me and all my documents. A email was also sent for confirmation. Unfortunately, with free subsidy programs by federal or state you never can really depend on the services. They are meant to do well, but their isn’t a real process to these programs and these companies shove it into their pocket instead of using those funds for what they are for, the consumer/customer.

  45. Kay

    I really could of used this credit with all the financial loss due to the pandemic. I was approved by the national verifier with an email of confirmation, but xfinity repeatedly insist on telling me their was an error and please apply again. Unfortunately subsidy programs that fall under federal or state fail. There is no real process of money plan and instead of the money going to the customer/consumer like it should. These big companies like my provider Xfinity shoved those funds in their pockets

  46. James

    I have internet through Spectrum and I applied for the EBB credit in July and was approved. Spectrum applied the credit a week after I had applied. My new bill doesn’t have the credit applied to it. I’ve called multiple times and each time it was a different story; the first three conversations stated it would be applied on a specific date and each time no credit was applied. The fourth time I talked with Billing they told me that something happened with all NY based accounts and that a billing code for the credits was erased from the accounts. I was also told that I am still responsible for the credit I should have received but didn’t and if I didn’t pay it I would have late fees and penalties applied to my account including service interruption. I told them by all means disrupt my services and charge me late fees. I will call the AG of NY and the FCC. They told me they have escalated my account to help get the credit applied. That was 4 days ago and still nothing has changed. I filed a formal complaint with the FCC since I believe it is illegal for spectrum to say they deleted codes for the credit and then force customers to pay full price. Has anyone had this happen to them? If so who is the ISP and what state is it happening in?

    • Carrie

      I too received the credit for one month. I was then told 3 different stories when it didn’t show on my next bill! First they said it will appear the 5th of the month, now they say the 24th. I’m so frustrated, I’m ready to just give up! Spectrum. Buffalo, NY.

  47. Nikki

    I did my research before deciding on an EBB provider. I wanted to find a provider that offered desktops and laptops to their customers, not so just a cheesy out of date tablet that you have to transfer your phone number to in order to use it. — After 3 days I found the provider I was looking for. They offer customers who qualify for the EBB program their choice of one of their refurbished laptops or desktops available at the time, (inventory changes daily) for a SERIOUSLY discounted price, of which the $100 EBB credit is applied to. In the EBB policies it states the customer will only have to pay a maximum of $50 for the device they receive, so I was able to get a 2018 Lenovo ThinkPad (retails for over $400) plus a Franklin R850 Hotspot on the Sprint network with UNLIMITED data all for only $72 total out of pocket. My laptop arrived in less than 10 days, the Hotspot arrived the day after. Once the EBB program expires, they give you the option to continue your internet Hotspot service with them for on $30-40/month, which for unlimited internet access, that’s cheaper than any other wifi service available in my area, by far. I just have to login to their website once a month, add the “30-day data plan” to my shooting cart, checkout, and the EBB benefit automatically is applied to cover the total. Easy peasy. — The main website is PCsForPeople.com. At the bottom of the page it has details about the company, the EBB program guidelines and policies, and information about the services the company offers to those who qualify for the EBB benefit program. If you want to skip all the fine print and go straight to their EBB qualification verification form, go to https://ebb.pcsrefurbished.com/ and you’ll be set up in no time. If they don’t have the quality of laptop or desktop available that you would like, they get new inventory daily, so you can just check back the next day, or pick one of options available at that time. I waited a few days for a ‘best quality’ laptop to become available, and choose the cheaper Hotspot of the 3 options. The laptop comes with a new hard drive with a new, unactivated windows 10 pro product key to use during the initial setup, just like a brand new laptop. I set out to get a high quality laptop plus monthly unlimited internet service for under the EBB program’s stated maximum cost to customers… And that’s exactly what I did. Check them out, they are the best EBB provider with the best devices offered over any other EBB service provider. Trust me, I did my research. If you’re eligible to receive the EBB program benefit and are are looking to receive a high quality laptop with windows 10 pro included plus a wifi Hotspot with unlimited internet data every month, check out ebb.pcsrefurbished.com. You’ll thank me later. 😉

  48. Emm

    It’s actually worse than some of the comments here. Predators of epic proportions. I’ve gone through several carriers and each one requires I buy a new phone, much higher than I can buy from a boxstore or online. Worse, I was being forced to pay for the 1st month’s service. This is for my disabled son who has to communicate with some of his doctors via video chat because of covid. Somehow qlink approved despite being approved with straight talk and are bugging me to death about the tablet and service being stopped despite never activating. As far as questions about the ‘free’ tablet, they won’t answer except by voice call, no doubt so there’s no paper trail. I had considered contacting the us gov about this. My background is I.T. and from the doublespeak I’m getting it must be nearly impossible for anyone to not be scammed. We already have a Tracfone for him but when choosing Tracfone you are sent to straight talk. I don’t want straight talk, we already have a new perfectly operating Tracfone. I realize they are the same company, so to me this is another scam.

  49. Joann

    I have Comcast and what a DISASTER they are with NOT deducting the $50.00. I mailed in my application for the EBB program to a P.O. box in London, Kentucky. I made a photo copy of it before I mailed it on 05-13-2021. A few weeks passed and I realized that the EBB people had not emailed or post office mailed to me my 10 digit approval number. So, I called the number on the application. They gave me my 10 digit number. I then called COMCAST and spoke to someone who confirmed my eligibility due to being on SNAP and Medicaid. I gave them my 10 digit number from EBB and all was confirmed. Several WEEKS have passed by without the $50.00 being deducted from my bill. I spoke to the people at EBB and reconfirmed my 10 number. I the called COMCAST again only to have them tell me they did NOT have any record of me calling them about EBB and that my application expired on 08-10-2021 and that I would have to submit a new application all over again. Again I called EBB and spoke to someone named ANGELA (so she says) and she said she would file a formal complaint on my behalf against COMCAST. I think she was lying. I just called COMCAST again and they hung up on me. What do I do next? The people at the COMCAST store will not help me.

  50. Joe

    It’s even worse than you think. I narrowly avoided a disaster at Metro PCS this morning trying to get the $100 device discount. First, if you’re already getting service through them, do not apply for the $50 monthly service discount until after getting the device and triple checking that your service plan qualifies and that you’ll be happy with it until the EBB funding runs out, because any changes to your plan could stop the monthly discounts permanently, at least according to one customer service rep. You cannot get a device without adding service for it, which of course changes your plan if you’re already a customer, potentially killing the $50 monthly discount forever. Nobody at three Metro stores I visited knew anything about EBB, let alone how to navigate past these pitfalls.

  51. Kevin

    I was approved for EBB. As my wife and I are both SSI and SSDI recipients. VERY limited income! I called our isp provider Frontier Communications. My call was taken by a lady who when asked would not provide her name to me, and once i mentioned EBB her tone and demeanor completely changed. The pleasant voice i heard when she answered was replaced with rudeness and made to feel as my call was not worthy of her attention. her exact words were “to recive the EBB discount we will have to cut your internet speed in half, so if you use more than one device your service will just buffer continuously.” then she asked if i have a lifeline phone, i anwsered yes. she immediately said that disqualifies you from the EBB dicount so i can not help you and hung up on me. You see my being on SSDI was not by choice, i am awaiting the call (or email) from Barnes and Jewish Hospital in St. Louis to hopefully get a life saving kidney/pancreas transplant. Along with several other major health issues that have arose from kidney failure and pancreas that is not functioning, heart disease found after a heart attack that almost took my life……
    etc. All we wanted to do was try to save a little money on bills if possible, but instead was made to feel like I was not even deserving of an explanation when I was questioning the program. Just disappointed in the whole EBB program!!

  52. Tiffany

    There are 2 problems with that suggestion…
    1. The FCC’s website does not have a VIABLE, LEGITIMATELY HELPFUL complaint system for issues with EBB.
    2. When it is an issue with the provider which is what they say this is, they tell you to contact the provider which does zero good. They say you have to get the device from your carrier which is not possible. AT&T doesn’t have any devices priced within EBB pricing & discount criteria.

  53. Donna

    I had no problem getting signed up and getting the credit towards my bill. I actually helped 2 others with theirs. My issue is I would like information about the laptop credit, but can find no information any where. My laptop was stollen and being on SSI any rebate would help towards another one. I would like to do GED classes online, as I don’t have a car and the nearest Community College is an hour away. I pray everyone’s internet and ebb issues get fixed. God bless and keep safe.

  54. Jen

    I am currently receiving the discounted/free internet through my provider WOW. Most every resident in my complex uses the same provider as they are the only one of two options and it is the most affordable. The past week or so I have noticed between 7:30am and 10:30pm my upload speeds drop from 10mbps to .25mbps. Several hours on the phone with reps and they cant see anything wrong. After talking to several of my neighbors it appears that the only ones having this issue are the ones whos account are on EBB. So we may be getting a nice discount but our internet is practically useless during the day.

  55. PK

    THANK YOU, i’m one of them qualified for EBB Voucher, looking at the voucher go into expiration and it’s worthless. By the way, I heard Nancy Pelosi just recently quietly signed a law to give herself & her parties fellows Demon each a $2000 dollar raised on top of their annual salaries of $150K+ Bonus & Family hook up (under the table) , while we’re requesting for the 4th stimulus check of $1200 that she don’t want to approve to help the US Citizens. Something is definitely wrong here.

  56. Stephanie

    I got a free iphone thru Context wireless. I tried to purchase a desktop computer thru pcforpeople.com for 11$ plus 5$ for the mobile hotspot and got to the final page and it said unable to process due to duplicate subscription. I only get free cell service thru Context and they call it the EBB program. U der the guidelines for the EBB program it states a discount for a laptop, desktop or tablet nothing about a cell phone, that would be the lifeline benefit. Also even if they wanted to call it the EBB it says it’s a discounted price with a one time payment of 11-50$ therefore what I get through context is not what is covered thru the EBB program. I am confused and now all the desktops are sold out once again. They off laptops and desktops for cheap of you qualify but they don’t last long. I have reached out thru email to all the companies and tried to read everything to understand or find out maybe something I’m missing context and new phone are the same company and they offer awesome smartphones iPhone goggle pixel etc.pcsforpeople offers discounted devices if anyone is still looking .

  57. Robert

    I would just like to say thank for whoever implemented the EBB program it has been such a major blessing to me because before I got approved I didn’t know where I was going to get the money to pay my next phone bill.instead of complaining about what’s wrong with the EBB program we should be grateful that we’re getting anything.everyone wants a free ride off the government ever since the pandemic started. Robert MacConnell

  58. tom

    I signed up for the ebb with Xfinity back May 21st still waiting so far they’ve charged me more money and made my internet speed 800 which doesn’t do me any good anyways I got Windows 7 in the laptop and I don’t have the upgraded modem from them either I’m going to call the store I’m tired of them see if there any smarter there

  59. Stephanie

    I currently have a 100.00 bill with spectrum even though I qualified for the ebb 3 months ago. They keep giving me the run around. It’s ridiculous. If they weren’t the only internet service available for my apartment complex, I’d definitely be switching to someone else

  60. Kim

    I am with Xfinity. My experience was without a flaw. Filled out the app online. Was sent an authorization code. Called Xfinity with it, customer service rep activated it. It was prorated on my first bill but received the full amount of credit there after. I’m sorry so many are struggling with getting the program set up.

  61. MARY


  62. Kimberly

    I was on it in June 2021, and then in July, I got billed for June, July, now August and September. EBB says I’m on it, Cox says I’m not. This is awful! I would’ve just paid for the service if I knew the hell this would put me though. I’m on disability, I’m an old lady and have no other means to get internet. PLEASE HELP

  63. Susan

    First, my provider that I have had for years, Google fi, doesn’t participate in the program. So I moved to Cricket. Cricket requires that one subscribe to one of their top two tier service levels ($60),rather than their $30 level. Am I the only one that thinks that requiring a low-income person to subscribe to their most expensive service is sketchy? With the SIM card I had to pay $70 I didn’t have for the first month of service. Then they couldn’t seem to apply my EBB to my account until I threatened them. About this point I moved to Red Pocket. They seem pretty good, but require a separate SIM card for the EBB program (WTH?), and can’t seem to get my new SIM card set up. I currently cannot text or make calls waiting for them to get my new SIM squared away…

  64. Bailey

    My ISP is Altice/Suddenlink. I have applied, been approved but no benefits. They said, “Because you receive other discounts, you basically are not paying for internet now”. I pay $89 for internet and $30 for an upgrade in speed. I have sent an informal complaint to the FCC.

  65. Michelle

    Not surprising since the FCC is criminal in nature… it is run by a former Verizon Lawyer and they were allowed to install thousands of 5G antennas/towers in the U.S. even though there is significant scientific evidence of harm to our biology, and significant harm to children’s developing brains. The Environmental Health Trust just won a lawsuit against the FCC given the FCC has ignored scientific evidence showing harm from wireless radiation. https://ehtrust.org/in-historic-decision-federal-court-finds-fcc-failed-to-explain-why-it-ignored-scientific-evidence-showing-harm-from-wireless-radiation/

  66. Kelly

    I can’t use any of the low income programs for internet or cell phone because I live in a rural are they say. ATT qualifies me and sends the congrats letter on all of my approved applications but then they tell me I can’t benefit from the discounts because I am located in the wrong area??? This includes EBB. The government never said everyone but the rural community can have this benefit. Now I am about to be disconnected because I have covid and can’t work. ATT don’t care I have begged to arrange something for my bill and nope sorry ma’am can’t do anything for you. Why can they do this? How can they do this? Why isn’t there another option with a reliable connection for us in the rural areas? It’s either pay the higher cost for the bad connection and low data allowance or don’t. Zero plans offered besides the single one that I am on. It is all that is available. I have a husband with cancer (end stage) and 2 boys that need to school from home and I work from home. That doesn’t matter to ATT. I was told maybe I should move to a more coinvent location! Really this is not fair!

  67. Kristina

    I applied for this back in met as soon as it was approved with Optimum in New York City and I was told I qualified, meanwhile I was still getting charged $84 a month for Wi-Fi when I only get public assistance and I told them I could not afford it. It was $50 prior to that and I was working and when I went on public assistance it hiked up over $30. Now my bill is in collections because they didn’t turn off the internet for 3 months and I can’t get the free service Optimum claimed they didn’t have back in May/June. So even though I qualify for all these programs and allegedly these programs are available I’m getting no benefit I’m collecting recycles to pay a $60 phone bill so I can have some type of Internet. I don’t even social media I don’t even watch the news and crappy TV but I still need access to the outside world. I used to have a career with a Department of Defense and now here I am…yea America! The government programs are a joke you’ll only get 35 GB anyway for free and that only lasts for one day or two days if you’re lucky. We all know the politicians have embezzled all of this money that’s not going to anybody

  68. Stephen

    Me and my wife have the cricket family plan and yes it is $90.00 a month but we both get unlimited call,text,data and unlimited hotspot and you receive HBO max with commercials for free after ebb pays $50 that leaves $40 but cricket has a app called add it up were you play games take surveys watch a few videos through the month in your free time and you get points and redeem them points for bill credits and so we pay $0 a month sometimes $10 but no more than that a month and when ebb is over the cricket add it up app can produce enough points for you to redeem and pay $0 a month without ebb program and we use the cricket hotspot everyday all day no problem running 2 smart tv to stream tv

  69. Brittany

    Leave century link!? You have the ability to transfer p roviders. The one place I have found to adequately provide both is PVs for people. Laptops. Hotspot and Desk tops Plus the provide 4g lte internet. I stayed with att as they automatically wiped my bill down from 65 to 15 with very little on my part. But due to some other unrelated issues I’m now leaving for Walmarts family an. 45 (fully covered) unlimited everything plus 10g of Hotspot a month. Don’t have the service yet but I have high hopes. We applied it to our xfinity bill (my roommate) and our service Sux now. So slow… Yet still the same plan they say.

  70. LaSelene

    I too was sent a text & an email, stating I was eligible for a $100 credit, towards a laptop computer or tablet. After being on the phone for well over an hour, transferred 4 times, speaking to 2 people serving as customer service reps, who barely spoke or understood English, I finally spoke to a customer service person who spoke & understood English & was in America. He did extensive research on the Xfinity EBB account, filling out the fields on my behalf, got all the way to the payment area asking him for his credit card number, when he himself discovered that there was no way for me to get the $100 credit for a device. He apologized that I was sent a text & an email from Xfinity offering me the $100 credit for the device, only to find out it is a total lie & a total misrepresentation of a device being offered with a $100 credit, that isn’t even attainable. Based on the conversation I had with him being an actual Xfinity customer service rep & me reading all of these comments, I believe a class action lawsuit should be started. TOO many peoples lives have been torn up by the excitement of a promised $100 credit towards a device, only to find out the offer is never going to be honored. In this time of hardship all across the World, playing with peoples emotions like this is evil & cruel. Whatever entity is doing this to folks, should be ashamed of themselves & be held accountable.

  71. Christy

    I am on lifeline so that makes me automatically approved for the EBB program. I have spent hours on the phone with 3 different sales people working at the internet provider I wanted to get but there is always some issue that prevents the final go to for service. I’m confused and don’t understand what is the problem. Theyve called the national verifier, reached out to the FTC. And the even reached out to the Getemergencybroadnand.org. And every time there was a problem which was solved. Then back to try again and another problem came up. This seriously has happened 3 times. I don’t even want to call the provider back cause I know I’ll be on hold off and on for hours. I’m confused as to what the actual problem is. If anyone knows please comment below mine with instructions.

  72. laptop parts

    I was recommended this website by my cousin. I am not sure whether this post is written by him as no one else know such
    detailed about my problem. You’re amazing!

  73. Lawrence

    I am with Xfinity. Have been with Xfinity for a year with no problems. However, I tried to sign up through Xfinity port hole for months for the EBB program. Xfinity port hole remains broken. So I was finally able to sign up almost a week ago and approved. Now I have no service, can’t get proper service, techs are not willing to come out and fix the problem to give me service. I have been bad mouth by 3 comcast employees. Hang upon over and over for requesting service. Have made reports with Corperate. Thry keep telling me someone will contact me back. I am still suffering without internet service for many days. No one can comcast is able to fix the service all. And not one is willing to come out. Somehow. Everytime the is a disconnection. I recorded the brutal calls from a said Xfinity employees and been treated brutally by an Harry, Alex, and Ethan. Alex even tried to call me frim an odd number after hanging up from said comcast number I called and attempted timi get my banking information. Herry and Alex claimed I owed past due to comcast that is why I am disconnected. However. I am at a Zero balance and at the time of said disconnection. My bill was not even due until the January 5th. 2022. I was speaking to them on the 4th of Jan 2022. Asking why I have not service and my service never transfered. When I refused to give my backing card informations. Everything gone bad. These three men where able t9 look up everything in the comcast records but could not see the method of how I have always paid Xfinity.

    By I still have no service after being approved for EBB Program. And after contacting corporate and employees at Xfinity.

  74. Theresa

    This entire program is just another corporate money grab.

    I was approved months ago. Contaced CenturyLink, and that’s where the problems begin. My internet sevice has always been great, for many years. I had no problems there. HAD.

    Couple years ago, when a competitor was setting up shop in this area, CL offered to lock customers in, forever, at a reasonable price. So I had no problems there. HAD.

    Soon as I notified CL of EBB aproval, problems started. First, for months, they kept trying to coerce me into upgrading my plan. They said I’d also have to shell out $200 up front for new equipment, or else tack another $15-20 onto the new plane price, which cost slightly more than the old plan but left me no longer locked in.

    No doubt they’d quickly jack up my monthly service fee. And atop that I’d be paying $20 per month, forever, for a modem. This, of course, would quickly negate any benefits from EBB. For me.

    So then who benefits from the government shellout? Congress tossed poor people a measly crumb and companies like CL reached out and snatched it out of our calloused hands. Internet providers are jamming into their already overstuffed profits.

    CL kept insisting FCC required the upgrade, which is a flat out lie. I kept telling them I’d upgrade once they showed me where such supposed requirement is officially written. They kept dodging my request. All the while refusing to apply the benefit and racking up monthly fees, late fees, and anything thing else they could think to tack on. My balance due is somewhere around $300+ now.

    I found a news article that delved into how internet providers were abusing the EBB program by forcing customers to upgrade and buy unnecessary equipment. Verizon was the focus of that article. 2 days after it csme out Verizon reverced its decision and stopped forcig people to upgtade.

    Meanwhile, CL kept telling me I need to pick a new, more expensive plan. I kept telling them to go with what FCC requires. Back and forth. Them, trying to turn it into matter of my choice, and me tefusing to choose and flipping it back on them.

    Finally, I asked them to explain how it is Verizon customers don’t have to upgrade but CenturyLinks do. Why would FCC require one and not the other?

    By this time, their bs is starting suck up a lot of my time. And its not the first time CLs done me wrong. Their money-grubbing ineptitude has caused me problems before, wheras the hit my credit report with debt they wrongly attached to my name. It took 2 years, and countless hours and calls, to get them to straiten it out. Time for which I was not compensated.

    Anyhow, they got their little heads together and tried a nicer approach. Which, past experience indicates is just attempt to continue the conn from a different angle.

    So, I filed a complaint with the FCC and BBB.

    FCC says CL and I are supposed to try to work it out. Meanwhile, CL said, bc I filed with FCC, CL then refused to work with me to resolve the matter.

    Like I said, my internet service was always great. WAS. Last Thursday afternoon problems started. Now my service buffers constantly. Clearly they throttled down my service in attempt to continue the cooersion.

    Oh, and my little bit of income comes via internet.

    They are greedy fools. Too stupid to see I’m diggin in, hunkering down, and preparing to fight. EBB was supposed to benefit poor people. Thus far it’s wasted my time, negated my means for earning income, and resulted in a $300. internet bill, and will cause my rates, not to be less, but rather more.

    And Congress is letting them get away with it.

    Does anyone else hear that? That voice? Echoing, getting louder … “class action lawsuit … CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT … ” …

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