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  • Date: September 1, 2020
  • Category: get IT

Got IT Testimonial | Two computers for 10-year old twins

At give IT. get IT., helping people who can’t afford the technology they need to succeed is what we’re all about. With so many school-age children being forced to learn from home, the demand for computers has never been greater. We’re not too proud to beg for computers (and we often do), but here’s a touching story from an actual give IT. get IT. client. To protect the privacy of the two girls we helped and their mother who wrote the letter below, we have withheld their names and where they live. It is our sincere hope that their story inspires businesses in need of computer recycling to give us a call and anyone seeking to support digital inclusion to sponsor one of clients

Due to unforeseen circumstances our family of four has been surviving on one income for the past several years. My husband was injured a few years ago and we have struggled to make ends meet since then.  With each year that passes one thing I could count on was sending my kids to school and my raise in salary.

Then came COVID-19. Since March 2020 we have lived in, what I can only describe as a hurricane. Remote learning from March to June while balancing my work from home schedule has been more than challenging to say the least. Trying to work around my schedule and theirs was near impossible on some days. I wanted to give up and so did my daughters.  The last day of school was the BEST DAY!

We spent most of our summer staying home and enjoyed some time camping in my husband’s uncle’s yard. COVID-19 has been hard on my daughters, they are very social and miss their friends. The girls understand how serious the virus is and want to stay healthy, so they do not give us much grief about it.

Both of my daughters and I are considered high risk due to the girls’ asthma and my immunity issues from battling breast cancer. My husband and I realized we needed to come up with an education plan for the fall as sending them back to school in a building where masks were required wasn’t a viable option. We also were exploring the options involved with remote learning and reflecting on how the end of school went. We didn’t want to repeat that.

I researched homeschooling as an option, I am a research fanatic! I want the best for my daughters, as all parents do. But remember that annual raise I mentioned? I work 40 hours a week, but since COVID I am working from home. I needed something that could teach them. That way I wouldn’t have to be with them every second.

I was able to find a wonderful website that teaches Science, History, Spelling, English Language Arts, Art, Physical Education & Math (best part its not common core math).  😊 After doing my research on the website I found out that I would need two computers – one for each daughter.  My husband and I tried every which way to find a way to buy them computers but to know avail.  Obviously putting a roof over our heads and food in our bellies comes first.

My supervisor told me I should see if I could find a grant that would help and no matter how I searched I couldn’t find anything that would help.  I called 211.  The person I talked to mention Get IT. Give IT. and gave me their website.  I filled out an application and a week later I talked with Jodi on the phone and she was able to sponsor my daughters with computers for each of them.  Because of companies that donate their old or used computers instead of selling them for profit, my daughters are now able to sit down and do their school work and will not be exposed to COVID.  I can’t thank Give IT. Get IT. enough.  Our life has been made so much easier and stress free.  I no longer must worry about who has what Zoom meeting when.  They don’t have to wear a mask all day.  They are safe and healthy and will stay that way.

Thank you so much Give IT. Get IT.

One Happy Mom & Dad

Two Happy 10-year Olds


  1. Robert

    I have recently finalized my divorce during which I gained physical custody of my 12 year old autistic son. IV been told that the internet will not reach me through two separate companies. My some was sent home due to exposure and I have recently become unemployed and am finding myself unprepared to help teach a special needs child. I just finished up with DHS I have an interview with TANIF and am trying to find every resource available to help him succeed in school/ life. I looking in to behavioral health specialist to assist, I need to be able to acquire internet services. I also am trying to find subsidized house that’s available, I currently need to carry in gallons of water for the hot water heater. This has proven extremely difficult when carrying for a teenage boy. I am in search and need of any help available to us.

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