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  • Date: January 29, 2021
  • Category: get IT

Got IT | A grateful client shares an inspiring note

Sharing the inspiring stories of grateful clients who are using the computers they’ve received from give IT. get IT. to improve their lives is our favorite way to illustrate the tremendous impact our recycling customers and sponsors have. We typically conduct phone interviews with our clients and summarize their stories for them but after receiving the letter below, we decided to publish it with minimal edits. In his working days, Leeland  was a speech writer, copywriter and communications director. Due to a serious heart condition, he now finds himself struggling to get by on an extremely limited fixed income. One of our anonymous sponsors specifically requested that their donation go to a senior citizen who needs a computer to stay connected. The content below is an open letter to that sponsor that we hope will inspire other potential sponsors and recycling clients to support our digital inclusion mission. Thank you, Leeland!
Grateful Leeland and computer

by Leeland

When your gift can be a life saving gesture.
When your decision to donate serves to dramatically impact and improve the quality of a person’s daily life and well being.
If you wonder how the money you donate to give IT. get IT. is helping someone or where the old computer your company recycles with give IT. get IT. ends up, please read my personal story. To the person who donated their hard-earned money and the business that recycled the computer I use every day, THANK YOU. My chosen words cannot express how grateful I am for your kindness and my appreciation for the gift of my computer.


As an older disabled American, my disability finds me often isolated and alone, homebound and unable to venture out of my home, and worse still, to connect and interact with others . Even in the best of times, before the crushing restrictions created by the Pandemic, I experienced very limited physical mobility and a lack of social interactions, a connection with family friends and the community at large. This has had a devastating effect on my emotional spiritual health and well being. But now, because of the computer, I just received from give IT. get IT., I am now able to use a medical home monitor device that works through my computer and WiFi connection. This device continually monitors my heart condition, vital signs and measure those readings in real time 24 hrs. a day, even while sleeping.  All this remarkable work is done remotely in my own home where I’m connected to my doctor and local hospital. This cardiac monitor, serves as a EARLY WARNING SYSTEM to summon medical attention BEFORE, I actually suffer a heart attack which may literally save my life. It’s impossible to fully describe how grateful I am for this.


I suffer as so many millions of Americans do, with heart disease, the number one cause of the death in the United States. In my own individual case, I have Congestive Heart Failure, with severe complications of a condition known as Atrial Fibrillation, that cause me to suffer a critical sudden life threatening and erratic heart rate that can lead to unconsciousness and death.  My heart has experienced attacks where my heart rate rises to a lethal rate, and at other times a sudden heart failure where my heart actually stops beating altogether, often without my ability to summon an ambulance and emergency medical attention on my own.  This condition requires constant awareness and medical monitoring, that used to require repeated doctor visits and hospital trips to examine and read or take measure of the dual chamber defibrillator and pacemaker implant device implanted in my chest. But now, thanks to the computer I just received from give IT. get IT., I no longer have to live in constant fear each and every day, that I might suffer a heart attack and not be able to summon help on my own.


If there is anything positive that’s been illuminated by this dark and continuing pandemic, it’s the ever increasing use of a computer, to participate in Virtual-Doctor Visits and appointments as well as Health Care and Behavioral Health Services. Millions of Americans are now able to access these services from the convenience and comfort of their own home, eliminating the burden and risk of patient travel to and from the doctor’s office. Technology is revolutionizing the way health care is administered and reducing the cost of care, provided you have a computer. I have one now and I’m profoundly grateful for that.


One of the most life altering consequences of having to stay in our homes during this dangerous pandemic, are the millions of Americans who now work remotely from home using their computer and the millions of children who have to access school education on-line from home. Your decision to recycle your outdated computer allows so many, like me,  to connect with and interact, in REAL-TIME  with family, friends and colleagues all across America and around the world. Instead of taking a trip to my local library for a good read, I now have access to millions of books and literature on-line.  Virtual travel, virtual visits and virtual activities are amazing ways to stay connected while staying safe at home. I  use my computer to explore local and distant lands, popular destinations, famous places and even museums.  One can also participate in exercise and wellness programs and social gatherings all from the comfort and convenience of their own home using their computers. But only if one actually owns a computer which so many Americans like me simply can’t afford without help. Now that I have a computer, I  hope to find an on-line employment opportunity to supplement my limited fixed income on disability assistance and fulfill my dreams of financial independence and a higher quality of life.
SO, I want to thank whoever recycled my computer, whoever paid for my sponsorship so I could acquire my computer at no cost and of course, the angels of give IT. get IT.  Thank you for giving me the chance to let you know just how important and impactful your kindness and generosity have been for me, and how life changing the gift of a computer  is for anyone else in my situation. If you’re thinking about supporting give IT. get IT., you can feel good about your gift and the contribution you make to others and your community in general.  “FEELING GOOD>>>>ABOUT DOING GOOD ” 
MY heartfelt THANKS to all.
A grateful recipient of a recycled computer