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cyclical poverty
  • Date: May 24, 2021
  • Category: News

Ending cyclical poverty | How access to affordable computers, training, technical support, and broadband can make it happen

At give IT. get IT., we’ve provided people with the technology and skills they need to get out of cyclical poverty since 2002. We’ve partnered with libraries, women’s advocacy groups, vocational rehabilitation services, and economic development groups to connect with people who need our help. Recently, we’ve connected with a network of new and established partners who are every bit as committed to ending cyclical poverty as we are but in different ways.

Good Shepherd Food Bank of Maine is on the frontline of fighting cyclical poverty by providing food-insecure people with access to healthy, nutritious food through their network of over 500 food pantries and programs.

The Opportunity Alliance helps 20,000 people annually by offering everything from rent subsidies, mental health treatment programs, and substance abuse services, as well as education and training programs.

The Maine Community Foundation supports a wide range of clients by supporting five core initiatives: Early Childhood Education, Access to Education for Adult Learners and Nontraditional Students, Racial Equity, Thriving Older People, and Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

The National Digital Equity Center is a long-time partner of give IT. get IT. Susan Corbett and her team have referred to us hundreds of people in need of low-cost computers. In turn, we’ve sent hundreds of people to them to participate in their outstanding training and digital literacy programs that teach our clients how to use their computers more effectively.


Finally, the good folks at The Island Institute work to support the island and coastal communities that are an integral part of Maine’s economy and overall identity. The Island Institute is especially interested in securing affordable broadband internet access for remote parts of the state that need to be online to stay informed, access healthcare, and pursue educational opportunities.

Together, we will be sharing how helping people out of bad situations by connecting them with the resources, tools, training, and support they need to acquire new skills and become more employable isn’t extending hand-outs; it’s good business. By pulling thousands of Mainers out of cyclical poverty and into quality, well-paying jobs at businesses that desperately need skilled labor, everyone benefits.

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