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    Our Mission is Digital Inclusion

    Give IT Get IT is a 501(c)3 Nonprofit Organization founded in 2002 on a mission to help nonprofits, families, and individuals overcome what hinders access to technology. We call this “digital inclusion.”

    Over the years, terms used to describe this International issue of ‘those with’ versus ‘those without’ computer skills or access have changed. Past commonly adopted terms include:

    • Technology Access Programs (1995)
    • The Digital Divide (2007)
    • Digital Equity and Digital Inclusion (2011)

We Believe

How We Achieve Digital Inclusion

  • Digital Inclusion Program

    A computer is just a tool, the Internet is just a resource - knowing how to use them is the key to success

    Through research and experience, we have learned that cost (buying and maintaining a computer) is only one factor that keeps people from having access to technology. Larger obstacles include fear and intimidation, along with a lack of low-cost or free, quality technical support. Additionally, many training options assume some prerequisite user skills, making it even more difficult for people who are just beginning their journey into tech, new employment, or education.

    Most people think of the cost of a computer and Internet access as the barriers to Digital Inclusion. We think it is even more important to ensure people are able to make the right purchase decision based on their individual goals, as well as to have access to user training and free, high-quality ongoing support.

We’re Building a Digitally Empowered Community

At Give IT Get IT, our goal is to help people join the 21st Century economy and community. We accomplish our mission through several programs, each tailored to meet the needs of specific communities and individuals.

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